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Gerry is the CEO and co-founder of Since the early days of the Internet, he’s been focused on the crossroads where emerging technologies, commercial opportunities and consumer behavior meet. With a passion for creating experiences that users love and a creative mind for business, he’s been a force in shaping much of the Internet we know today.


Over the past ten years his previous company, Frequency Group, worked with brands all over the world to drive customer lifetime value through great product experiences. Primarily focused on helping consumer subscription companies acquire, retain and monetize customers, Gerry was co-creator of the first streaming video vertical with Beachbody. Under his direction, Beachbody on Demand grew to one million subscribers and $100M in revenue in its first 18 months. 


While at Frequency Group, Gerry authored the book Demand Horizon, A Revolutionary Approach to Creating Great Products.


Prior to that, he served as President and Global Head of Technology for Thomson Reuters, chartered with reinventing an $11B annual revenue business, transforming it from archaic terminal technology to a fully capable news and financial information company based on Web 2.0 technology.


During the web search war years, Gerry was SVP and Group GM of Search at AOL, where he led the business, product and technology groups of world’s third largest search engine. It was at AOL where he worked with Google as the launch partner for Google AdWords, catalyzing their lead in the web search and search monetization market. Additionally, he and his team generated foundational, patented technologies for search box suggestions (smart search) which are now owned by Meta and Microsoft.


In the early days of the internet, Gerry led his team in the creation of Web 1.0 technologies and products, the most notable of which is AltaVista He also launched BusinessWeb by CompuServe, which was the very first web app for registering a domain name for the creation of business websites. Previously it had been done by paper forms and US Mail.


Gerry also currently serves as; General Partner of Blockchain Global Capital, a hedge fund focused on bringing fiat into crypto investing, Chairman of VitalBriefing, a journalism fintech company in Luxembourg and as advisor to several early stage Web 3 companies.